Zero Gravity Institute

Contact: Kevin Johnson
Email: [email protected]
Address: 2919 Manchaca Rd suite 105A Austin,Tx 78704
Languages spoken: English

First opened: 08/08/2013



Opening hours:

7 days first float at 10am last float at 9 pm

About Us

I have been floating since 1986. I have always wanted to open a float center in Austin Tx. This year I secured the financing to open the center and to start full scale manufacturing of my floatation room design. Pictures can be seen on our web site

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

We have 4 large float rooms manufactured by Zero Gravity Institute. We are an upscale spa environment. We supply everything you need. Robes, sandals, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers, even natural deodorant.

We use a state of the art UV system in conjunction with standard pool/spa filters, and food grade 35% Hydrogen peroxide (H2o2). We change filter cartridges every 25-30 floats and replace solution every 800 to 1000 hours of use based on testing and solution manageability. The interior of the float rooms are cleaned daily with water and twice weekly with H2o2 solution.

Our Building meets all ADA requirements, we are available to assist clients with entering and exiting the floatation rooms


Other Services

We offer Massage therapy, chiropractic, active isolated stretching, guided breathing, and color/sound treatments



All floatation sessions include 15 massage chair session

Single 60 min float = $75
Single 90 min float = $99
5 float package = $300
10 float package = $525

Monthly memberships 

4 floats per month = $200
8 floats per month = $360
12 floats per month =$480
Unlimited floats per month = $550


We are currently working with the veterans administration, and are developing scholarship programs to assist people who would like or need to float but can not afford to do so.