About Us

We have been greeted by fellow floaters with varying reactions, some have embraced us with open arms without questions and others have approached us with a sense of caution, this has prompted us to publicly release our Purpose, Agenda and Rules of the collective.

We are a collective of people from all over the world who float, we have been brought together through the internet to seek out, collate and share information about floating and the related subjects.

The collective was formed by personal invitation from the Original 3, the original 3 each have recently invited 2 more people each to form the Second 6, who each have the ability to invite 1 more person to form the Third 6, to keep the collective to a maximum size of 15 people. Further to the collective we have "The Friends" anyone can become a friend by simply pointing us at any float related content.



The sole purpose is to globally promote floating.


The aim is to bring a better paradigm to the world by making floating as accesible to everyone as possible.



Our Agenda is to freely collate and publish information about floating, wether it be textual, video, imagery, opinion, experience or thought.
All information is relevant, from the past, present or a predicted future. If its float related we will record it and publicise
 it here in a positive and informative way.


Rules of the Collective

You are responsible for the people you invite into the collective, if you have a problem with any member of the collective or any content a member has posted please address the person who invited the member first. Once logged into the website admin you can see who published what and when, you can also see who invited the member.

There is no one owner or leader, we all agree or doesn't happen. The Original 3 have no more or less power than the first and second 6. This is not a company or corporation, this a hobby at best.

Each member is equally liable, If we receive any "take down notices" the content must be removed and the take down notice published in the place of where the content was. Every member of the collective will receive copies of all email sent to and from the site. You can see if the email has been responded to, if it has not been responded to please respond.

The cost of running the site.

$170 for the hosting per year including the domain name
$75 for email and user accounts ($5 per member of the collective )
These costs will be covered from sales on the site.

Any extra money collected will be spent on site advertising.
Members of the collective we will receive no money directly or indirectly as a result of their efforts.
Simple but detailed accounts can be seen in the site admin area. 

Time Invested
We are all busy and living and working in different time zones, we encourage everyone to be active and would like to see about 2 hours per week invested as a minimum.

No Affiliation

Any affiliation to a product or service that is listed on this site that can result in your own personal gain will result in the removal of your position within the collective.

Our information must remain unbiased, it is up to our viewers to make decisions that are right for them, both interms of their beliefs and choices. There is no "Best way" there are many ways, it is our efforts to present the known ways for the viewers to choose or reject. 

Anonymity and Corruption 
Being a member comes at the cost of working without direct reward or recognition, you are not permitted to publicise any personal information that could allow any viewer to contact you independently. Your first name is enough to give a personal touch, the collective will see all your correspondence. You are not to accept gifts, money or favouritism for your efforts. 

We may from time to time come across a greedy person who does not want to freely share information related to their service or product. If the information was made publicly available by the content owner we are under no obligation to remove it, if the information is a personal view, idea, prediction etc from the collective, that the content owner is unhappy with we must request a formal "Take down notice" from the content owner before removing the content.

The site is backed up daily, if you notice any content being removed without being replaced with a take down notice something is wrong, please post it to the admin forum. Your admin password is your responsibility, the advanced publishing tools you have are not to be abused, do not use a password that you use for any other website, do not login to the admin are from any computer other than your own, do not allow anyone else to use your computer, ensure your virus software is up to date.

Emergency meetings for urgent actions can be called at any time, 4 days notice will be given with a UTC time and date, they will be conducted using a private IRC channel. The original 3 will chair the meetings, 100% of the collective will agree to a proposal or the proposal shall be rejected.

Members of the collective are free to leave at any time, leaving the collective is not a negative or a problem, upon leaving you are free to publicise your personal details and your experience as a member of the collective, the content you added will remain on this site. If a member f the first 3 leave the position is offered to the most suitable member of the second 6.

These Rules
These rules are open for anyone to question and scrutinise, they are not, nor ever will be perfect they can always be changed, updated and amended as we and our friends and viewers suggest. 


So there you have it, that should clear up allot of concerns, if not please send us your questions and comments..

The Third 6 of the collective have not been appointed yet, there is no charge, if you have the time and fit the criteria above why not join us and apply?