Tory Urban Retreat

Contact Name: Anatola Wilkinson
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 64 4 3944329
Address: 80 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington, 6011

First Open: 2/4/1965


About Us

Mike & I have Tory Urban Retreat, our family owned & operated Wellbeing Centre in Wellington City. The Retreat has been operating for approx 55 years. We have owned it for 12 years now & have been constantly working at improving our services. I am recently back at the helm after taking time out to bring up our twin girls. We had been interested in floating and getting a pod for 2 years before we took the plunge and installed our own. It is a huge asset to our Retreat and is such a wonderful therapy that really does compliment what we already offer our clients, or as a standalone amazing therapy. Our float pod has been up & running since February 2016. Both Mike & myself are super passionate about living healthy on all levels...We've totally embraced the float culture, & for me it's a real dream come true. I have a genuine love of floating already - it's so addictive! I love what I do every day & I am super happy floating people from all walks of life...and being able to see the amazing effects that it has on them.

We have one dream pod at this stage. We are planning on purchasing another pod hopefully this year. We offer a luxurious private floatation room, jet shower, Sukin organic personal body care products, towels, robes (if planning a massage afterwards) and 2 lines of oxygen are fed into our pod.

We clean our tanks with H2O2 & UV filtration system. We check our water 3 times per day for density 7 peroxide levels - this is recorded in our Pod Water Maintenance Log. Salt & water is replenished daily as required.

We are not accessible for wheelchair users as we are up one flight of stairs.

Other Services

 We have Australasia's largest Finnish Sauna & a huge tranquil ice cold plunge pool set in lush surroundings.
We have 3 massage therapy rooms and our masseuse are highly qualified, exceptionally skilled therapists who are hugely popular within our community. Bookings are recommended, especially during the weekends.
We have a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber & a PEMFt therapy bed.
We sell cold pressed organic fruit & vegetable juices, organic citrus juices, fresh wheatgrass shots, & we make our own kombuch, yoghurt & kefir water on our premises.
We have a post-float Relaxation Lounge where our client's are given organic treats, organic fruit, cold pressed organic juices or an array of other organic refreshments to choose from when they have finished floating. 
We have a large range of relative & informative books to read in our Relaxation Lounge. We encourage our clients to stay as long as they want to come back down to earth and ground themselves. We encourage people to just pop up and chill out if they want to read any of our reading materials...or have a look around the Retreat.



Our float pod sessions run for 90 minutes - 15 minutes either side for showering and 60 minutes in the float pod - Cost $85.00 per session (Sessions can be booked consecutively if a longer float is required).