The Float Place

Contact Name: Thomas Wunk
Email: [email protected]
Address: Farmingville. N.Y 11738
Languages spoken: English

First Opened: 2013


Opening Hours:

By Appointment Only.

Tues-Fri 5 PM-10PM
Sat-Sun 11AM-10PM

About Us

My name is Tom and I, like many others, first heard about floating from Joe Rogan. I did some research and wanted to try it. Unfortunately there aren't any float centers around so I had to take the train to NYC to try it. So glad i did. 
I knew right away that this was something i needed to share with others and make it more accessible for fellow Long Islanders. 
I started researching opening a float center and initially had my father on board as a partner. He caught cold feet and bailed on me so instead of opening a full fledged store front I am starting with a single tank at a home office. It will be a separate and private suite and have nothing to do with the living quarters. Going to provide a great experience for people.

We have one "Float To Relax" tank in a private room equipped with a shower and everything you need. Toiletries, soap, shampoo and earplugs and hairdryer are provided. 

Our tank is kept clean by using H2O2 measured to 100PPM. Our filter system is run for 25 minutes between clients which allows the water to be filtered 4 times.


Beginner float special- Two 60 Minute floats for $100. Only one purchase per client. Fully transferable.

60 minute float is $75
90 minute float is $90