Ocean Float Rooms

Easy entrance

A large, side opening door offers a far more inviting entrance & ease of use compared to the top hatch type lid common to float tanks. It also gives easier access for the able and the less able. Conveniently positioned internal grab handles offer greater safety, comfort and sense of security.

Mood lighting

The float room's inviting interior is lit by twin underwater LED lights in a rich, vibrant blue. The lighting gently fades in and out at the touch of the interior air switch enhancing the beauty and peace of the floatation environment. Mood and colour changing lighting is also available in the ceiling, washing across the roof and highlighting the Float room's height.

Ocean Float rooms also custom-build lighting systems and have supplied many luxury spas.

Lifetime Heater

Our remarkable, low heat heating system is the most advanced, most reliable float tank heating system in the world.

Clients cannot sense whether it is on or off.

The heater operates at or near skin temperature, releasing a subtle, gentle heat into the water when needed. This results in an incredibly stable water temperature encouraging a much deeper, more peaceful float. Even during longer floats there is no overall heat loss as the heater instantly responds to the smallest temperature change.

Uniquely, the heater completely eliminates electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) from the float environment with our customers reporting greatly improved floatation experiences as a result.

The heater requires zero maintenance, will save on heating costs and energy and is designed to outlive the Float room.

"One touch" float sessions

A "one touch" digital control unit provides fully automated and completely adaptable float sessions that take care of every detail and customer preference. Music is gently introduced at the beginning and end of each float session and the filtration and sterilisation system automatically run for the optimal cleaning time after the float.

4 popular float session lengths are included as standard, but music and float time can be instantly adjusted to suit individual preferences.

The panel's digital display and LED's provide real-time information on the progress and status of the session.

Surround Sound

Music & voice in the Ocean Float room is experienced in crystal clear surround sound using six (6) transducer speakers positioned above and below the floating client.

Transducers provide a far superior quality of music and voice compared to "under water" speakers as they are designed to combine with the natural acoustic capabilities of the float room shell turning the interior float environment into a "sea of sound".

Deep Clean Filtration

A very high powered magnetic drive filtration pump filters the entire float solution 4 times between sessions while the customer is showering and changing. Every customer can step into an Ocean Float room safe in the knowledge that the water is clean and completely sterile. Most systems do not maintain that level of cleanliness so effortlessly. The filtration is high capacity reducing the maintenance frequency. Sterilisation is automatic and removes the chore of hand dosing and the need for staff to continuously handle chemicals.

Heat & sound insulation

Up to 100 mm (4") of the most efficient thermal and sound insulating materials are used in the Float room construction. This is sandwiched between all interior and exterior surfaces of the Float room creating a warm, stable and extremely quiet float environment significantly reducing operational costs.

This is enhanced by the positioning of the entry door on the side of the Float room (rather than the top hatch entry of a tank) ensuring maximum retention of the warm, interior, Float room air as people enter and leave.

Other Standard Features include:

  • Call button system
  • Bespoke amplifier
  • Electrically protected main control panel
  • Internal grab handles for safety and support
  • Thermal, pool cover for overnight water insulation
  • Fully ventilated, condensation and drip free interior
  • CE Certification
  • Comprehensive manufacturer's warranty
  • Marketing information pack including templates
  • Clear and detailed maintenance manual
  • Complete chemical and testing kit