Drop Of Calm

Contact Name: Elisha Bovard
Website: www.DropOfCalm.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 1310 2nd Street South, Nampa ID
Languages spoken: English

When did you first open: 2012


Opening Hours

Appointments available from noon until 10pm most days.


About Us





Drop Of Calm is co-owned by Caleb and Elisha. We opened it shortly before our son, Axel, was born.

We have 2 tanks - a Samadhi and an Oasis. Each is in a private room with shower. Complimentary body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion are available in each room. Hair dryers may be used in the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Our Samadhi tank utilizes ozone and hydrogen peroxide to maintain sanitation.
Our Oasis tank utilizes UV light and hydrogen peroxide to maintain sanitation.
After every float, the water is triple filtered, the showers are cleaned, and the tanks are wiped down. We change out the entire epsom salt solution annually or as needed when indicated by water testing.

 Staff are available to assist wheelchair users.


Other services

The oxygen bar bubbles ~96% pure oxygen through water and essential oils. We have several oils that you can use, or you are welcome to bring your own. It's the perfect way to relax before you float. There is a rotating stock of books in the free library, and your are welcome to complimentary tea. We occasionally have other items available - the chi machine, for instance.



Floats are available for 60, 90, and 120 minutes.
$45 for 60 minutes
$50 for 90 minutes
$55 for 120 minutes
The oxygen bar is a $5 add-on

Memberships auto charge monthly. There is no minimum term. Our members stay members because they float, not because they sign a contract.

All memberships include free oxygen bar and your choice of float duration: 
$45 for one per month ($40 for each additional)
$70 for two per month ($30 for each additional)
$100 for four per month ($20 for each additional)



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