Float Tank Registration

Registration of your float tank is and always will be free, however we would greatly appreciate a link from your website to ours where possible.

This website is just a hobby site, I did start to populate the float tank pages with any publicly available information, if any of the information I have listed is inaccurate, incomplete or your wold like anything removing, please use the Contact Us page.

If you have and other files or PDF brochures please email them to [email protected]

Thank you for your time and input in advance! 

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Please detail your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype etc
What is the name or model number of your tank
Introduction Date
Introduction Date
From what date has your tank been available for purchase
Why, when and how did you become a manufacturer
Construction material, size, color, shape, handicapt accessibility etc
Pump, Filters, UV, Ozone, Chlorine, Peroxide, manual or auto dosing etc
In-line or under tank, how thick is your insulation? Max Float time? Do you have a vibration pad under the tank?
Do you filter the air with HEPA or enrich it with oxygen
LED lights, Sound system, Alarm, EMS Shielding, TV etc
Which float centers can we find your tank installed at
Can the owner install your tank, where can you deliver your tank to? Please make sure your product meets the local safety and water hygiene requirements first. Please list any foreign agents that act on your behalf with contact details.
Please give an indication of your tanks starting price
Fully loaded and kited out, what is your most expensive unit?
Do you offer any support in the event of a tank failure, or do you offer any business advice to float centers?
Epsom Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, testing meters, ear plugs,
Or any advice you would like to give us?
Do you know the names of any discontinued tanks? We want to to try and find as many as we can or an article.