The Float Shoppe

Contact Name: Dylan & Sandra Calm
Email Address:  [email protected]
Telephone: (503) 719-4743
Address: 1515 NW 23rd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97210
Languages Spoken: English

First Opened: 12/14/2011


Opening hours: 
10 am through 10 pm every day but Tuesday (closed on Tuesdays)


About Us

Dylan & Sandra, owners of The Float Shoppe

After experiencing the incredible effects of floatation therapy, Dylan Schmidt and Sandra Calm opened The Float Shoppe to expand the availability of floatation therapy in Portland, Oregon.

With the dream of creating a therapeutic environment centered around floatation therapy, The Float Shoppe's founders set out to integrate floating with additional modalities. Currently, The Float Shoppe offers acupuncture and massage in addition to floating, and will soon be expanding to counseling and community offerings.

The Float Shoppe has three tanks in private rooms with showers. One Floataway Tranquility, one Floatarium, and one custom-built "open-style" float tank we now call the Infinity Room.

We use ultraviolet sanitizers as well as hydrogen peroxide with frequent, thorough filtration and complete water changes ever four to six months.

We are a proud member of the United States Floatation Tank Association

Dylan with Glen and Lee Perry, makers of the original float tanks and leaders of the American Float Tank Association!

Other Services

Massage therapy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, community classes, snacks, supplements, books, kombucha and coconut water, and additional wellness products.



Describe your pricing and membership costs and benefits: All float sessions are 90 minutes or longer. Floats cost between $36 for members and $60 for non-members.



Assistance getting into and out of the float tanks is provided as needed for clients with and without disabilities.



Jason Leman 

is an ultramarathon runner and Float Shoppe sponsored athlete. 

Yasmin Diboun 

is an ultramarathon runner and Float Shoppe sponsored athlete. He also runs a local business: Animal Athletics.

Nicholas Triolo 

is an environmental activist, writer, and ultramarathon runner. We welcomed him to The Float Shoppe as he prepared to run the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run

Laura York

 is The Cancer Assassin. As she seeks victory and abundant life in the face of a rare cancer, she floats with The Float Shoppe frequently as a sponsored member. She is an inspiration to everyone in here enthusiasm, excitement, exuberance, and positivity


Jason Lemen

Yasmin Diboun

Nicholas Triolo

Laura York

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