Oakland Floats

Contact Name: Dacia Alexander
Website: oaklandfloats.com
Email Address:  [email protected]
Address: 344 40th Street Oakland, CA 94602

First Opened: 03/15/2012


Opening hours:

Wednesday - Sunday 9AM to 11PM.  All appointments are scheduled for two hours and include a 75 minute float or longer.  Appointments can be made via phone, website, or email.


About Us

With four float chambers, Oakland Floats is the largest float center in the Bay Area.  We offer two Samadhi float tanks and two custom built float rooms.

All floats take place in well appointed rooms with plenty of amenities, including: essential oil body products, herbal tea, fluffy robes and wax earplugs.

Our caring staff is always available to answer questions and make your experience at Oakland Floats memorable.  Music gently awakens you from the void, and after a hot shower, you can enjoy tea, literature, and conversation in the cozy lounge.

Oakland Floats is proud to offer an impeccably clean float experience from being to end. The float solution is strictly maintained and our facility is sparkling.

Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair accessible at this time.


Other Sefvices

We share our space with several wonderful businesses.  Body by Melisa, a spa offering massage, wraps, facials, and sauna.  Jeb Bentley (rolfing therapist) and Conscience Roots (talk therapy) also share our center. Just below us is Five Flavors Herbs an herbal apothecary offering a wide selection of dried organic and ethically wildcrafted Western and Ayurvedic herbs available by the ounce and for custom formulation. 
Coconut water, awesome Oakland Floats t-shirts, pre-float tincture, and books are also available for purchase.



All appointments are scheduled for two hours and include a 75 minute float or longer. 

Single float - $75
1st time 3pk - $150
10pk - $550 
Membership - $20 per month and unlimited $40 floats.


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