Serenity Float Center

Contact Name: Paola A Ramirez
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: +573837607
Address: Carrera 16A N 85 - 85 , Second Floor, Bogota

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish
First open: 2/10/2016


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 9am to 8:30pm
Closed on Monday
If you would like a session after 8:30pm, please call us and let us know.


About  Us

More than three years ago, I began a spiritual quest that took me to explore places like Thailand, India and Nepal, where I perform several Buddhist retreats.
In search of activities that allow me to integrate my philosophy of life and bring comfort to Colombia society, I decided to bring an alternative therapy that provide deep relaxation to its guests. With this in mine and my wish to help other, Serenity was born; a place created and designed to ensure that even the smallest detail reflects the objective of Flotation REST Therapy and my desire to provide comfort and improve the lifestyle of my fellow Colombians.

I have two tanks, these are EscapePod tanks; each room has a shower and all the beauty needs like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, q-tips, Vaseline, vinegar/water solution, body lotion, earplugs and towels.

Our tanks have UV System install and we haven't changed the salt since we open a little over a month ago

We do not have easy access for wheelchairs since we are located on a second floor and the building doesn't have an elevator

Other Services

Additional to Floating we offer Relaxation Massages and also have a room to be freely used either to meditate, paint, write or just relaxation room. In addition, Serenity has alliances with a Yoga Studio located downstairs and several CrossFit boxes, plus support w a Psychologist and a Life Coach.



1 Hour $120.000
90 Min. $160.000

1 session $120.000
3 sessions $315.000 ($105.000 per session)
5 sessions $450.000 ($90.000 per session)
8 sessions $625.000 ($78.125 per session)

Each session is an hour long and the price is per month. These prices are personal and non-transferable.

Float + Massage
1 sessions + 30 Min. massage $160.000

This prices are in Colombian pesos. Special prices with our Partners (Yoga, XFit)