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Through the use of the float tank and time spent floating, a bigger set of questions start to emerge, a larger view of the world around us becomes important and interesting. We have built this section of the Where To Float site to provide all floaters the food for thought they naturally end up seeking, questioning and evaluating on there own terms.

If you feel  we have missed anyone or not included any video's, books or pictures that you have connected with please let us know. and we will be sure to include them.


Almost all of the Modern thinkers are connected in some way and have often featured in video's together or written books together, below is a collection of videos where the thinkers are featured together in person or as a montage, the links above provide access to the individuals page.


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Deepak Chopra & Stuart Hameroff


Joe Rogan, Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts

Our need for a sense of Unity.

Alan Watts & Terence Mckenna

Awaken from the cultural nightmare

Joe Rogan & Terence McKenna

Here & Now

Alan Watt's

Trialogues, The Evolutionary Mind

Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham

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