At Peace Floatation & Massage

Contact Name: Pete O'Brien
Email Address:  [email protected]
Telephone: (817) 485 3223
Address: 1304 Glade Road #300, Colleyville, Tx, 76034
Languages Spoken: English

First opened: 2008



About Us

Pete & Donna O'Brien

Pete & Donna O'Brien

 I was looking for stress relief from parenting and being done with baseball, and I was pretty intrigued by the whole relationship between stress and a lot of the diseases that come our way, As I was researching, floatation therapy kept popping up.

After years of research, we and a couple of friends decided in 2008 to fly to Philadelphia to test out a float spa for themselves. One test was all it took and we opened At Peace Floatation & Massage that spring.

I knew massage was going to be a big part of it because everyone knows massage, but floating is starting to really pick up around here.

At Peace uses 800 pounds of Epsom salts in each of the two float spas, creating 10 inches of saltwater four times more dense than the Dead Sea.

When you get into that room, the dark, the lack of sound, floating in that water it’s like an embryonic state, said chiropractor Jeff Connors, who tried floating for the first time when At Peace opened next to his business. It resets your nervous system and calms it all down. I refer a lot of clients there, actually. I’ve got people who will float and then come in for their adjustment.

 We have float spas. Not tanks. Walk in with cabins, Our first two spas were purchased through High Tech. We have since started selling our own spas commercially and residentially. 

Our float center is "Very" 
Accessible and one of our floatation spas is designed for handicapped

Our float Spa's have a filtration system with ozonator and the Salt is changed quarterly or after 450-500 floats.



 We are working with athletes in high school and professional athletes.


Other Services




1 hour floats cost anywhere between $50-60 dollars


Photo's & Video's

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