La Casa Day Spa

Contact Name: Jane Goldberg; Gregg Lalley
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 212 673-2272
Address: 41 E 20th St, NYC 10003
Languages Spoken: English

First opened: 1993


Opening hours:

We are open every day at 10 am.

About Us:

Dr Jane Goldberg

I decided to open a float center because I was interested in John Lilly's work. I had floated previously in a tank, and didn't like it. When I found someone who would build me a chamber, as opposed to a tank, I was sold.

La Casa Day Spa opened in April, a month later my infant daughter arrived. Floating got me through so many sleepless nights during her first few months. I would be dog-tired around 3 in the afternoon. I'd go float, and come out feeling that a whole new day had just begun.

Our Float Chamber:

We have a float chamber, as opposed to a float tank. It is the size of a walk-in closet. A shower is adjacent to the float chamber, so you do not need to come into any other part of the spa before you have showered, shampooed, dried your hair, and re-dressed.

Our Float chamber is cleaned with UV and ozone. The 800 pounds of epsom salts is changed every five months.

Other Services

We also offer eight different kinds of colonics (many of them developed by myself and unique), eight different kinds of massages, ozone therapy, facials and energy healing.


Floatation is an hour and costs $80. When a client books an additional one hour therapy (colonic, facial or massage), then the cost of floatation is reduced to $50.



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