Contact Name: Edward Arroyo
Website: www.ifloatspace.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 323 493 6234
Address: 6016 El Mio Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

First opened: 1995


Opening Hours:

Regular hours: 9am - 6pm By appointment
Float appointments can be made to extend earlier or later than regular hours.


About Us

 I opened a float center because as a philosophy and engineering student I probed and questioned the meaning of Life (don't we all, at some time). When I had my first float experience, I realized an important component to bringing all that I have come to know - together. It was the experience of Nothing. Floating brought be back to zero; and offered me the time for the 5 Rs: Rest, Release, Refection, Refresh, Revive.

 Edward Arroyo

Edward Arroyo

For me, these are the requirements for a healthy well-being, and path through Life. So I believed that this was the best gift to offer others. For the tank doesn't tell you what's right or wrong, good or bad. But it does provide the means to bring your bio-chemistry back to equilibrium, the means to offer peace. So, when you come back into Life once again, your perception has changed. And, with a clearer perception, you're libel to response more appropriately...

Currently there is one tank. (we are in process of having a six tank center). I have a Samadhi Tank, we have all that you need (hair dryer, shampoo, towels, etc.) All that's left is your willingness to 'let go.'

Currently, I use chlorine to clean the tanks. No one uses the tank during a chlorine cycle. Salt is changed regularly as needed.

The float tank is wheelchair accessible, up to the tank. Depending on the wheelchair person, special arrangements may be in order.



Other Services

A terrific veg juice tonic!



Describe your pricing and membership costs and benefits: Float sessions are set by the hour. Pricing is $25.00 per hour. (that will change in the near future). Currently, the first price break is $100 for five floats.

Arrangments for multi-hour, over-night, floats can also be made.

When the floatSPACE Center is established, prices will go up. But, there will be a membership program.