The JÜTA Float tank:

Is an egg shaped form, consisting of a pool and the cover with a big door to enter the bath. Length: 2.50 meter, width 1.60 meter, height 1.30 meter. Weight empty:

app. 125 kg. weight full 900 kg. Build of GFK, putted by hand; double walled, light and sound proof, 2 underwater-speakers, underwater light 12 volt /10 watt, passive- and active ventilation 

The cleaning system:

One micron bag filter, flow through heater 230 Volt /1200W /, Iwaki magn. Coupling, pump 6000l/ h, double UV - reactor, dosage pump for the cleaning solution 35% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide with silver ions) 

The PowerStation:

Integrated in the filter station 230 Volt, 10 Amp, digital temperature control and digital timer, same for end of session wake up light, GFI, fuses, relays. SPS Siemen Logo. Control panel with green/red start light, filter station covered by a hood in the same colour as the floating tank, wireless nurse-call (150m)

Price for one complete system

OVA Floating tank, Model OVA / excellent UV
Euro 21,500.

excl. Tax / creating / transport / installation /. Epson salt
conditions: payable 10 days before delivery