Float for Health

Contact Name: Arthur Wilkinson
Website: http://www.floatforhealth.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: +604 892 0366
Address: Vantage A-3-3A, Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang 10470

Languages Spoken: Fluent in English, basic Mandarin and Malay
 First Open: 7/10/2016


Opening Hours 

Monday - Sunday 10am - 10pm
Pre-booking is required at least 6 hours before schedule.


About Us

Arthur Wilkinson

Arthur Wilkinson

My name is Arthur Wilkinson and I fell in love with floating when I first tried it in USA, towards the middle of the float of my first ever float I decided that a center in Malaysia had good potential as there currently wasn't any in the country. 

So a year after my first float after finishing university in China, I used my savings from teaching English and put together my first open air float tank. After 6 months I had found a property and started renovation on my center.

The locals here are very claustrophobic and quite superstitious in a way that they won't step into anything that resembles a coffin. So I have to design my open air float tanks to be inviting and try to completely eliminate any fear of claustrophobia. So at Float for Health, I have four luxury float rooms, all have their own private shower, and open air float tank.

We offer all the necessities to float - towels, earplugs, organic shampoo/body wash, hair dryers, lotion etc

Our pump & filtration system has ozone integrated within the system, Salt is changed every 6-7 months

We serve fresh apples and hot peppermint tea for every client after their float

We have complete accessibility and can offer assistance

We have a lot of marathon runners that come in, I've sponsored a Malaysian professional squash player Wee Wern Low to come in and she enjoyed it.



Single floats
60minutes - RM120.00
90minutes - RM160.00
120minutes- RM 180.00

-Intro Float Experience -

At Float for Health, we've experienced through our clients that the best way to truly experience floating is by having three, closely spaced floats. This allows you to acclimate to floating and really feel and understand its benefits. Clients cannot share these floats and have to use all 3 floats within a 14 day period. This package can only be used one time per person, normally as an introduction to floating.

Three 60 minute floats for RM 240.00
Three 90 minute floats for RM 320.00

- Bundle Packages -
Float for Health offers unique packages, where customers are able to purchase a package of floats for a cheaper price. Great idea if you're looking to share floats amongst family members and friends. Floats can be used anytime and have a 10 month expiration date.

Package of 4 Floats - Rm 400
Includes: Four 60 minute floats

Package of 8 Floats - Rm 750.00
Includes: Eight 60 minute floats

Package of 12 Floats - Rm 1050.00
Includes: Twelve 60 minute floats

- Student Float Rates -
Students can show their student cards and receive a discount on all single floats, and the intro floatexperience package. Does not apply to memberships & bundle packages.

Single Floats

60 minute float - Rm 100.00
90 minute float - Rm 130.00

Intro Float Experience

60 minutes x 3 = Rm 200.00
90 minutes x 3 = Rm 260.00