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Sensory deprivation tanks a lesson from Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

"The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I've ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

The tank is filled with water the water is heated to the same tempersture as your body and theres eight hundred pounds of salt in the water, so you just float there and relax, and because  the water is the same temperature as your body you dont really feel it after a while.

Joe Rogan

It's like layers of an onion, when you first start doing the isolation tank you can only get a couple layers of the onion in, a couple skins loose, you cant really go to the core its too hard, its too hard to completely let go of who you are, but as you get beter at it, and as you get more and more comfortable with the experience you get better at actually letting go, really letting go, letting go from letting go, letting go from the feeling of letting go, letting go from that point, ok I've let go, no you havent let go more, and then you become gone, you disappear, while your disappearing this is what happens; you start thinking I cant believe I'm disappearing  then your back again you got to start from square one, you got to let go and let go and let go and you got to get to the point where you literally completely relax.

Your body it gives you amazing energy, the tension release you have from a couple of hours in the tank is incredible you feel lighter, you feel like more oxygen is in your body, you feel like more vibrant and its just because you have somehow or another calmed the tension, its incredible!"

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