Aqua-Anima floating tank

The tank is 2.76 m long, 1.5 m wide and 1.3 m high in other words as big as a car. The float tank is a sandwich construction consisting of four parts, top, bottom and two covers. Inside each part is insulating material which effectively prevents heat leaving the float tank which in turn decreases the use of energy. The insulation also prevents external noise from penetrating which could be disturbing for the floater. Inside the float tank is painted a beautiful blue but for the outside you can choose your own colour. The tank contains 700 litres of luke warm water containing 30 % Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). In addition there is:

  • An alarm button to the reception 
  • Two buttons for underwater lighting and the fan 
  • Mouthpiece for clean water from the filter to the tank 
  • Heating element which keeps the temperature constant (+- 0.1 ° C) 
  • Two loudspeakers for the buyer´s external hifi equipment

Extra equipment

  • Video screen for mental training and learning. 
  • A button for regulation sound.

The filter

The filter is concealed within the tank behind a wall. It consists of a seal-lessmagnetic drive centrifugal pump, and a 20" filter house and a UV lamp for killing bacteria. 1.600 litres of water passes through the filter between clients i.e. twice the content of the tank. The advantage of placing the filter in the tank is that leakage onto the floor is eliminated and also the unit takes less room.

The fan

is giving the person fresh air from the room This prevents the risk of water droplets forming on the roof inside the tank. If this happens the floater may risk getting drops on herself whilst floating which is very irritating and disturbing. The fan eliminates this risk provided that the air conditioning in the room is good.


A box for the electronics should be placed on the float tank's side or a close wall. All the various cables for the floating tank's electrical components are housed in this such as the pump 230 V, the heating element 230 V, the fan 24 V, the underwater lamp 12 V, the light buttons 12 V, the UV lamp 230 V as well as the wires to the loudspeakers. The customer has to ensure that the necessary cables are drawn to the electronics box. The seller will supply instructions. Electric supply: 1.900 W, 230 V, 16 Ampher


  • Two loudspeakers 
  • Underwater lighting 
  • Two buttons for light and fan 
  • Button for alarm to the reception. 
  • Heating element 
  • Fan for fresh air 
  • Anti-slip mat under the tank and inside the tank 
  • Complete filter system with UV lamp and one seal-less Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
  • Start packet

things you need to buy from the beginning...

  • 26 kg hydrogen peroxide 
  • 500 kg Epsom salt of hiest quality 
  • 200 pairs of earplugs 
  • Floating cushion for support to stiff necks 
  • Dosage sticks for measuring content of hydrogen peroxide