Contact Name: David Conneely
Website:  ifloatspa.net
Email Address:  [email protected]
Address: Westport, CT 06880
Languages spoken: English & Spanish

First opened: 2013


Opening Hours

We are open 6 days a week.


About Us

David Conneely

David Conneely

We were introduced to floating through a many who taught us about metaprogramming. After doing deep work on ourselves, he suggested we start floating. We opened a float center because floating, in conjunction with doing classes to adjust the programming in our mind, helped us make big changes in our lives. We want to offer people the opportunity to slow down, reduce stress, and find solutions to challenges in their life.

We have four float chambers by Ocean Float Rooms.

We use bromine. The levels are measured every day. Salt is added every week.


Other Services

We teach courses on programming, as elucidated by John C. Lilly



One Float Session: $75

 We offer discounts to teachers, nurses, military, and police officers.

iFloat Radio


Video Testimonials

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