Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center

Contact Name: Marilyn Morrison
Website:   www.corerelax.com
Email :  [email protected]
Telephone: (404) 315-9000
Address: 2227 Idlewood Road Suite 9
Languages Spoken: English

First opened: 2006


Opening Hours:

We are open 7 days a week. Most days from noon to 6 or 7 pm.
Limited hours on Sunday.

About Us

Marilyn Morrison

A friend brought a tank to our center and ran it for about a year, he left it with us when he moved out of state.
I continued to run it for 4 years and we moved our location. It was in that move that we purchased a new tank. That was three years ago.

We have one tank that is busy pretty much every hour that it is operational. All bookings are done and paid on line. We are actually more of a yoga studio with a tank, than a float center. I happen to love to float so I have kept the tank going for 7 years now. It is busier than ever.

Our tank is a Samadhi tank with a the ozotec cleaner. Whenever I float, afterwards I clean the sides and ceiling with 30 grade Hydrogen Peroxide as recommended. I clean the filter once every two or three months by removing it and soaking it overnight with cartridge cleaner and the using a hose to fully rinse it off. The maintenance is minimal. Once a week a put a cap full of Spa Perfect and do an hour cleaning with the filter on.

We are located upstairs in a Medical Urgent Care facility. There is no elevator, however, we do have a wheel chair lift.

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Other Services

We offer yoga, meditation, massage (deep tissue and swedish) in addition to Thai Massage. We also have Reiki and Foot Reflexology practitioners as well as a Structural Integration practitioner and colon hydrotherapy.



We do mostly hour floats for $75, 3 session packages for $125 which must be used within 6 months. We also have a 4 session package for $140 which must be used within a 30 day period to encourage floaters to come once a week for maximum benefit.
Of course at the floaters request we do 1 .5 and 2 hour floats also. 
There are larger packages available also of ten and 20 floats.



Harmony works with a recovery group with alcohol and substance abuse issues three days a week. They are encouraged to use the tank and many of them have. There is a noticeable difference in those who take advantage of the opportunity to use the tank.


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