My Stay With The Owners Of a Spectro-Chrome Machine


An 80 year old Austrian man in 1974 gave me two or three books by the inventor of this Spectro-Chrome machine. He showed me  before and after pictures of burn victims he'd used the machine on.  It was remarkable to see the skin having grown back. Case after case of Polaroid photos I was shown that highlighted the curative affects of light frequency therapy. I believe there was some Sanskrit words written on the colored lights, but I'm not sure anymore.

He showed me how it worked in general and had me read two books on it .... one of which was an encyclopedic sized treatise on the invention, historical development and case study of the machine in both India and America.

Three years lster I went to see the old man and his wife. Much had changed. He told me that while I was gone the FDA raided every documented owner of these machines and confiscated them. They even took the books.  Well, that was a first hand acknowledgement of the desperation the Medical Mafia has in regard to it's own job security. Nothing and No one who can truly help mankind out with maintaining optimum health is allowed to coexist with Big Medicine. Over and over this routine and theft has played out in America, Canada, and Europe. For case examples refer to the side bar on the left, specifically: 

  1. Wilhelm Reich
  2. Antoine Priore
  3. Don and Carol Croft
  4. Nurse Caisse
  5. Harry Hoxsey
  6. Royal Raymond Rife
  7. Bob Beck
  8. Herbal Remedies
  9. Radionics devices
  10. Tachyon devices
  11. Pulsed magnetic / Energy Devices
  12. Microbiologist Gaston Naessens ( 714X discovery )
  13. Harry W. Diehl  ( Cetyl Myristoleate )

There have been many others including problem specific solutions to aide in vision, back ache, parasites etc. But the true ground breaking non drug, non radiation, non surgery health inventions that show remarkable success all get shut down, and typically the Inventor's lab  gets raided; trashed and all research as well as equipment destroyed and/or stolen. The Inventor then gets sued, jailed and ruined. No where is this more apparent than in the Energy and Medical fields of discovery. It's a sad conspiracy that denies the masses of truly life changing discoveries. Right up there in severity as UFO disinformation and coercion.

Hopefully, however, with the internet and a global body of informed, aware health and energy scientists pooling results, the survival rate of mankind friendly inventions, like the Tesla Car that's finally being massed produced, and the Tachyon products of Japan, and the free energy devices produced in California by a collective of physicists working with Dr. John Searl will be extended indefinitely.

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It's funny now    that after 50 years of Darius Dinshah's Spectro-chromology machine's bannishment, many "new" color therapy machines, bulbs and lamps have evolved, been accepted, documented, researched and have now made their way to market. See Tools For Wellness Link. The guy who started it all went to prison and was crushed and like VanGoh, Tesla, Reich, Rife and others, then died penniless, broken and discouraged. I am happy to say that I got a glimpse of the machine and also that his family is still fighting the good fight to provide his findings and benefits to the public. You can read about their fight here:


Ghadiali’s dream of having a “Spectro-Chrome in Every Home” ended when he was thrown in prison for three years, fined $20,000, and further production of the device was outlawed.

— http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/articles/cured-colour
Like every other healing innovation that works from an individual, the Medical Mafia burns the lab, jails the Inventor and confiscates all equipment

Like every other healing innovation that works from an individual, the Medical Mafia burns the lab, jails the Inventor and confiscates all equipment

The Spectro-Chrome facility in New jersey

The Spectro-Chrome facility in New jersey

There are documented cases of the use of 714X. Jacques Viens was 39 years old when he had seven-eighths of his stomach removed, according to writer Stephanie Hiller. The cancer had already spread to the lymph. Since there seemed to be no hope of recovery, his doctor offered him 714X. Four months after taking 714X he was healthy enough to go hunting and soon resumed his job. Marcel Caron had intestinal cancer but refused to have his intestine removed. His wife’s breast cancer had been successfully treated with 714X and so he tried it as well. Sixty-five days after he started treatment, no cancer was found in Caron’s body. Eight years later he is still healthy. Anne Vignal, wife of the former French Counsel General in Quebec, sought out medical opinions and was told she could not conceive children. She was also told that her infertility was due to a lethal form of leukemia and she had only three to five years to live. She took 714X. She is now cancer free and the mother of a healthy son.

— http://dmc.members.sonic.net/sentinel/gvcon4.html
Spectro-Chrome machine Inventor Colonel Dinshah P. Ghadiali (Commander, New York City Police Reserve Air Service 
- photo, circa 1919).

Spectro-Chrome machine Inventor Colonel Dinshah P. Ghadiali (Commander, New York City Police Reserve Air Service - photo, circa 1919).