Michael Hutchison wrote a definitive book about all the studies done concerning floating. The book was called "The Book of Floating". He addressed sleep studies, brain wave states where floaters were compared to Tibetan Lamas. It seems that for every year a Zen Monk or Tibetan Lama meditates, their brain can produce one minute of "Theta"  (the mystical Brain Wave that normal people only produce for a split second when falling asleep and then again when waking .... it's considered a euphoric brain state) Brain wave while meditating.

With this premise a Monk who has been meditating for 20 years can produce up to twenty minutes of Theta brain wave while in Meditation. Michael says however, that these are the only people in the world who are able to produce theta like this   EXCEPT !!! Floaters, ha ha. Yes Michael's book says that floating studies revealed that floaters with no meditation experience easily produced twenty minutes of THETA durring a one hour floating session.

There are many other stories, studies, anecdotes and revealing facts regarding FAQ and paranoia about drowning, sanitation, constructing a tank, and claustrophobia, etc. Please check out this 30 year old book to find out more about float tanks. Cheers.  





  A comprehensive, practical guide to a powerful technology of change. -- Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

A superb book for initiates into the tank. -- Dr. John C. Lilly, author of The Deep Self, The Scientist

If everyone... floated everyday there would be no war, no poverty, no crime, no hunger... a must-read book! -- E.J.  Gold, author of
Tanks for the Memories, The American Book of the Dead

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      About the Author

  Michael Hutchison is the author of The Book of Floating,  MegaBrain, and many journal articles and reviews. He was severely injured in an accident a few years ago, and by applying the knowledge he gleaned from researching The Book of Floating, he has come back from complete paralysis to a life of increasing functionality. His book is widely known as the best researched work on the floatation tank, and he plans to do extensive radio interviews and publicity for this new Gateways edition.
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 Michael Hutchison's new cover design   The Book of FLOATING

Michael Hutchison's new cover design

The Book of FLOATING

 Michael Hutchison's original Book on Floatation tanks

Michael Hutchison's original Book on Floatation tanks