The acronym O.B.E. stands for Out of the Body Experiences.

  History is replete with anecdotes and stories recanting some Saint, Savant, Guru, Witch Doctor Shaman, and Holy man's otherworldly experience of traveling through a tunnel which lead to a bright white light and/or a heavenly  place of peace and tranquility. Or possibly even a normal pedestrian acquaintance has had an OBE sometimes called Near Death Experiences, while on  anesthesia before surgery or during or after a car accident.

The new Technologies that lead to O.B.E.

Here is a basic out line of the forms the approaches take

Traditional Approach:

  • via a religious faith, consuming dedication
  • fasting, sweat lodges
  • physical self denial,
  • Meditation and austerity
  • prayer / Zen Contemplation

New Religious Movements

  • Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard
  • Eckankar - Paul Twitchell - Ancient Soul Travel
  • TM - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • EST
  • Silva Mind Control
  • Quantum Jumping

Technological Approaches


Quantum Jumping

John C. Lilly and float tank experiences

Astral Travel / Lucid Dreaming instruction

Subliminal tapes, CD's, Mp3's, MP4's

E.F.T. - Tapping for well being / spiritual experiences


Remote Viewing

  • Para-Psychological Espionage: Military trained spys who use "Inner plane" reconnaisance OBE.

The Military of the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A had bargained with various Indian Yogi  and Tibetan Lamas to Spy for them on enemy troops. They were adept already at leaving the body through Astral Travel so the respective Governments carried out secret spying programs wherein the Americans had the Tibetan Lamas and the Commies had the Indian Yogis. Each would leave the body and go spy on certain "targets".  

The CIA has allegedly been developing this and has now released for sale the exact course used in what was previously termed :  Para-Psychological Espionage, but is now simply termed Remote Viewing.

Two mind control / remote viewing programs were taught under the code names of


  • Stargate - Remote viewing history - military


  1. www.biomindsuperpowers.com/Pages/CIA-InitiatedRV.html



Montauk experiments were also involved with time travel according to Al Bielek aka Ed Cameron which started in the 1940's WWII energy / invisible stealth experiments. They accidentally experienced a time travel affect and immediately began to research the possibilities of time travel technology.

According to Al / Ed ... the Montauk people captured kids and trained them to become remote viewers for their country. The picture he paints of this CIA sponsored brain washing / training is not pretty. 



Now however, in the 2000's these courses have become DE-mystified and actually are sold on YouTube touting themselves as the very same courses used by the mind control CIA projects - minus all the black project paranoia associated with it.

Here is the Academy of Remote Viewing by a European named Gerald O'Donnell who claims to have been one of the CIA's most talented Remote Viewers. His web site is:

  • http://www.probablefuture.com



  • http://www.remoteviewed.com/crv_manual.htm
  • http://www.probablefuture.com/Secrets_of_Remote_Influencing_EBook.html

Neo Shamanism


There is a growing interest in D.M.T. (Di-methyl-tryptamine) the so called God Molecule.  Why they call it the God Molecule is because once smoked or ingested as tea it sends you on a spiritual Journey of sorts where you meet, interact with and retrieve information that is essential for your spiritual progress. 

The Amazon Indians have historically used plants that contain the molecule or active ingredient. They have an elaborate shamanic ritual and go under for like 12 hours. A shorter trip happens if they smoke it. The Native word for the plant that contains D.M.T. is Ayahuasca. For more information please see this link:

  • http://www.paganlovecult.com/philos/dmt.html


For a full description of Bob Monroe and the Gateway experience offered at his Virginia retreat called the Monroe Institute please see the left side bar where the Monroe Institute page is listed. I highly recommend checking this material out because none of the dangerous lower psychic level phenomena that drugs can produce while attempting to get out of body, are experienced. It is a very pragmatic and systematically controlled gradual process that one undergoes via mind scape sound / brain wave induction .

In a nut shell Bob discovered that certain frequencies open up the "Gate" ("Gateway") to experiencing the out of body state.   I like Bob Monroe's approach because like Indian Meditation he uses "sounds" (liken Mantras) and breathing and visualization to produce the needed sound wave resonance in the brain which will support a spontaneous trip outside the body. You maintain full control, not the drug.