Since November of 2011 the Universe has set against me full throttle without a let up, in a way that I've never experienced before, until even now. My life has been severely challenged and I've had a constant stream of set backs due to an unfortunate series of encounters with an old world Gypsy who laid a whammy on me as in a curse because I called her a bitch and wouldn't let her sucker me into paying her $40 in 1987. She had some hair I'd given her and an old T-shirt  of mine ... considering I didn't believe she could harm me I did not worry about giving her it so she could "read" my fortune via burning candles and a crystal ball. I've paid for that arrogant stance for the last 27 years and there seems to be no let up in sight. However what is happening in my life now .... seems far more bizarre than anything the Gypsy Curse has directed at me previously. Either the Gypsy has multiplied her force by a million percent or the Spiritual influences have increased in a dramatic way on earth since 2012. For me it started a year earlier.

From 2011 when I left China again until now, my life has felt the affect of the Gypsy curse on Steroids. There seems to be no relief and no release in sight. It feels so bizarre, so surreal like I've been dropped into a Dali painting or an episode of "the Twilight Zone". No matter what I do, nothing works as planned, if at all. Every decision I make back fires and an unrelenting shell game of choices are presented at each cross road which have no meaning except to keep me like a deer in the headlights wondering daily, WTF?  I presume there is something to be learned from this 3 year mind fuck, but what? Things keep getting worse and the only thing I'm capable of doing now which does not get challenged is writing, researching on the web, and working when there is work. It's almost the reverse of what author Steven Pressfield is writing about in his book "RESISTANCE" where he claims resistance forms to stop one from doing creative work or spiritual work. I am not being resisted on those fronts but in opposition I am being reversed in survival issues as well as my Big Ideas! OK, well maybe writing is not my calling and the big ideas are, so perhaps Pressfield's conclusions are fitting.

As a result of not being able to basically even function economically now that I'm back in the US, I've invested in learning about "Energy Healing". This has been a cat and mouse game, since I'm allowed to spend time and money on these things .... yet I will have no work at all UNTIL I order a tele-seminar or air ticket to attend a seminar, and just like float tanks, this gets gets some serious blocking ... the environment conspires to keep me from attending. No sooner do I commit to a seminar on spiritual topics or energy healing, then my work drops off for a month to six weeks. Then on the days of the seminar the world goes crazy .... bosses calling me off the hook with job offers for that day specifically; the internet going down; the web site event suddenly going black .... at the most critical point of the seminar. Then after the seminar ... back to no work. Still it seems to be what I need to do .... a cry for understanding, I'm not pulling the rabbit out of the hat by my own efforts so I must investigate people who have at least a reasonable understanding or a demonstrable "gift" of healing and energy transference.

Many people seem to simultaneously be going through some difficult shite, like me, but I think Pisces like me are getting pummeled the hardest. The web is full of "Earth Changes" diatribes about how the planet is evolving etc. and taking people with it or leaving the dumb asses, or common folk stragglers behind if you will, who refuse to get on the "evolve-or-Perish" change bandwagon. This seems like the same old 2012 gloom and doom crap that children of New Agers effuse on line like a given, a mantra. This lame Bull Shit excuse for recent global hardship is over simplified in this way by the Google generation en'masse.

You can definitely see the emerging Age of Aquarius sheep speak over taking Piscean individualism on line. The fraternity of Google kids (representing those who grew up on the internet in general and specifically Google) has pioleted against all individualism simply to keep up with the pace of the internet. It's definitely a "Me Too" joiners club, and their social solutions are the inventing of most intrusive privacy and socially eroding technology. The Face Book fans, the must be linked in or you're nobody club is replacing the rugged individual thinking society of rogue thinkers and path finders of the last epoch. Well if this is the Age of Aquarius ... the emergence of the Divine Feminine to over take the defiled and wicked Patriarchy which took us from Stone Age Wiccan Paganism to the computer age, ha, well ... can you say Babylon, Rome, Mount Vesuvius, Atlantis, Minoan, WWII Germany? Every time this decadence has usurped the patriarchal survival ethos, common sense rules of natural law, for the all accepting and allegedly "more evolved" credo of "we are all brothers and we should judge none" leading to a complete break down of family, civil and moral/ethical principals in favor of more and more laws to keep a Humanist Aquarian like Utopic fantasy inspired citizenry in check (as "channelers" like Bashar and others are promoting).

Yet it does seem that all the breaks are coming to these newly typed out, brain washed, sheep thinkers ... but that's evidence moreover of their sheep think status. Those who've "evolved" to accepting the new morally unquestionable coerced normalcy being shoved down the old guard's throats in western society at large, are indeed the beneficiaries of social grants, status and brain washed awards by the varied promoters of the same ... i.e. corporate clone speak; govt. behavior modifiers (lesbian favoring Liberal leftist judges who re-frame sane and normalcy policies of today by passing verdict and laws against specifically the moral minority that once built America from the wild frontier to what we now see as the most advanced society).

To rapidly advance in this society one must follow the dictates of the new ruling classes' debauchery which demands you must be for (not against or even neutral) all the put forth leftist idealism. Big Brother is not what Orwell thought ... not the comrades of Big Government behavior modifying us as much as the civilian army of on line young bloggers, snitches, smear campaigners, University lead brain washing of cookie cutter thinking robotic knee jerk graduates ( don't conform = don't graduate = don't get job = don't survive) social media campaign outings and witch hunts  of people who for example do not ascribe to the PC mandates. People in other words who resists the new brain washing efforts forced down the civilian populace. Everybody is being turned into a teen age Bimbo via these avenues of coercion. To resist is to be outed as an enemy to the "One World Mind" consortium of influences that have nothing in common with the working man or women of the first, second or third world,  but who who to "educate" and control their thinking ... the liberal high version of neo-eugenics global programming agendas.

Are you pro drugs? LBTG marriage? Feminist? Do you believe in Paganism? Superiority and revenge of the Goddess? Are you anti family, religion, smoking, drinking but pro pot? Congrats, you're in. You'll do fine like the ultra rich in the new society portrayed in the movie the Hunger Games .... oh yes, the decadence of the haves ... surely illustrated in that movie is where you ultra cool and oh so spiritually advanced sophisticates are headed for .... while us basically old fashioned morality types are condemned to the out lands.

Isn't it funny though, how the rough and rugged hetero patriarchy which built up the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand  from jungle wilderness to post-modernity in only 100 years ... as well as Hong Kong, Japan, India and Europe by laying in the infrastructures are now being booted out of the party by University graduates who've never worked a day in their life, and only know of life what has been read from books, TV, YouTube, Blogs and from sitting through lectures ad nauseum in the classroom?

Now this same citizenry of the productive class (not ruling class which were educated snobs in Paris and London at the time) the European expats, blue collar farmers black smiths, carpenters and tradesmen which built and invented these rail systems, city streets, homes from timber cut by hand, made all the discoveries necessary for modern city living such as oil, electricity, auto mobility, heat, ac, water treatment and sewer disposal, fire fighting, ship building, underwater diving and discovery and flight is being displaced by once again the idle snobby overly educated socially despondent but united, university imprinted, corporate sponsored and molded, entranced sheep think sycophants whose opinions are are entirely from magazines and media.

Even modern women's  recent claims to beauty ownership are linked to these men of industry such as the simple bandeaux, hair treatment and nylons (not to mention modern plastic cosmetic surgery) . Yet despite these amazing and never ending accomplishments women, blacks and gays have locked hands in a political coup to usurp power through mutual self support from the evil Euro / Semitic Hetero Patriarchal order.

The Planet Neptune has  recently moved into some position  of influence astrologically speaking, which it hasn't been in in maybe 200 years. Now everybody gets a dose of what it's like to be a Pisces ... for example to experience these unusually occurring set backs and stages in your life which defy any "LOA" mindset or "you get what you create" nonsense. Those folks who are hooked into the last decade's prime mover of global consciousness, i.e. the movie and ensuing books, YouTube videos, seminars and products ... which worked for a few and left 95% of the "followers" (read gullible and desperate Pollyanna wanna-Be's) investigating even deeper into new products guaranteed to work for those metaphysically challenged or LOA "Hard Gainers" ... you know, adding crystals, then mind tapes, frequency injection, NLP technique combos, Radionic and Orgonite technology ... taping goals to water that is then drunk .... noble gestures, with the same limited results.

Well now, with Neptune, all the bullshit and hype falls apart.

All the gurus saying to us that we are failures on the material plane ONLY because we are failures on the Spiritual plane, and we just need to buy more "coaching, tapping, subliminal" products to break through to improve our spiritual state (which apparently includes the adaptation of said sheep think and mores from above paragraphs). Here's the bad news for those book writing, new age, seminar touting people preaching that gospel.



L.O.A. is Relative, not Universal

The concept that one's spiritual progress is mirrored on the physical plane is a thorn in my side that has irked me since my first days studying Sri Harold Klemp books, then the entire library save a few of LOA subject matter. I've felt a gut instinct that this was a preposterous fantasy engaged in by the leaders of this movement. Of course, it makes them all appear as saints in comparison to us mortal sinners who are suffering on the physical because of our impoverished spiritual development and limited opinions and mental belief systems.

Well I've been an investigator of this concept since the early 1970's. I read Joe Karbo, then Joseph Murphy. Later I took certified NLP courses and had 30 books by Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler and Erickson. I then purchased Nightingale Conant, Joe Vitalle books, Neuro Sync mind sounds, Tom and Penelope Pauly books, and attended the on line release of the movie "The Secret". I bought subliminal programing tapes that had over a million repetitions per hour that I listened to 8 hours a day and while I slept from Whole Brain Learning Institute.


I had a series of listen along exercise products to help connect with my subconscious mind including Wendy Robbins and Dr. Robert Anthony material. Next of course were the EFT tap a long courses to integrate goal achievement and belief energy blockages.


I had software programs that ran subliminal text as well as MP4's that did the same. I even recorded my dad and mom's voice and went into a recording studio to make tracks of their voices reciting my goals as matters of fact. Had I been able to get a hold of the Miracle Ear by Tomatis (which showed results for bringing kids out of Autism) I would have had my the reading of my goals by my parents transduced into the electric ear and recorded the resultant sound waves for future playback. I also would have maybe tried Karl Welz's Magik product which combines radionics with goal setting and orgone. These type of sites claim goal realization is heightened with these high tech devices.   


Yet, after 40 years of effort and paying due diligence ... by making my goals, vision boards, making tapes, buying thousands of dollars worth of courses and products, reading goals before sleeping and first thing when I  woke up, nothing has changed. Conclusion to be reached: My spiritual state is pathetic. I need a Cathartic Consciousness wake up call ? Well the preachers of new age thought would chime in together saying this was indeed the case.

I suppose I could have taken Silva mind control or maybe even Scientology (just kidding) but I did read all the old books and eBooks. Yet nothing changed. If it ever did (which is another story) it evaporated and was short lived. I've bought the books by Abraham Hicks and watched the videos. Yet like the "channeled alien authorities" of others over the years, there is no two that agree ... on a universal verified approach to mindset changing and goal accomplishment.  i have come to love and chuckle the sarcastic anti-new age remarks by Eric Pearl of the Reconnection book and videos. He's a riot. Totally calls it like it is ... a sham.

Nevertheless for those hard cases who instinctively "believe" life can be changed in an instant if only they can reach the right frequency (now a new brand of fantasy is invested into the LOA community using Frequency of love to adjunct goal recital) of mind and sustain the correct belief ... in other words ... spiritual coerced evolution ... they must abide by the theory that rich people are superior in spiritual evolution and they conversely are not far enough in their spiritual journey to let in a belief of abundance.

I have come to rally against that mantra which can be phrased concisely as the misquoted phrase:

"As above so below"

This phrase I first took to mean as in heaven, so on earth. Or forms on earth have their inspiration in heaven. That great artists poets and musicians derive from the heavenly visions, journeys, OBE's and the muses of heaven what later become great works of art music and invention. Or as Jesus meant it ... what is true of God's love and miracles in heaven (above) is true of God in this plane .... like attracts like.

In a general sense I have consensus with these statements. But when you start projecting the idea that children born with disease and all the other maladies that befall mankind on a "Spiritual Consciousness" poverty / disease consciousness etc. to explain away all the injustices experienced within the human condition, well that's where we start talking Apples and Oranges. It used to irk me big time when "higher Initiates" in Eckankar would misquote Sri Harold to imply that the fact that I spent 9 years as a second initiate, or that I was routinely broke and unable to provide the life I sought for myself had a direct correlation to my spiritual development. In other words ... I should improve my spirituality and all the blessings would be added to me. I just knew this was bullshit ... yet these self congratulating bimbos of the spiritual order (who married into money many times more often than not, or trust fund recipients; or who just got lucky to be in the right place at the right time; and even some of them who were "ruthless" business types as though that was a redeeming quality) failed to remember the words of Paul Twitchel the founder of Eckankar which were: "sometimes the bum on the street can be a much higher spiritually evolved person or even a spiritual master in disguise".

Taken into the philosophy of the L.O.A. ritual ... if your life sucks, it's because you are not spiritually enlightened enough yet to allow abundance into your life. Well, guess what, this is a crock meant to make these wealthy folk who are essentially quintessential survivalists, to feel no guilt towards the spiritually unwashed masses, who need these negative experiences to "wake up" to their divine self and power. Here's how I started formulating my arguments against this whitewash pseudo spiritual new age crap.

I read books by a man who started out as a college graduate, self important egg head, a doctor in Psychology and hypnotism. He was a humanist (predictable conformity to academic brain washing) atheist named Dr. Michael Newton. In his late 70's and early 80's he released three books called respectively:

Journey of Souls

Destiny of Souls

Life between Lives hypnotherapy

In his books about past life regression ... Dr. Newton reported on the universal properties found in the state "in between" lives ... what we would call the spiritual realms. His clients would pay him to put them under trance and discover who they really were as Souls. He would have on going trance sessions with clients over weeks, months and even years. He started noticing a unified report about the spirit world that had no bearing on the client's current life's religious or non religious belief systems.