In the beginning was the WORD and the word was God.

In Eckankar: Key to Secret worlds  Paul Twitchel describes that there are planes of existence and then goes on to describe the dominant sounds native to each "Plane". Ancient Indian texts devote much effort to describe how sound and light are the twin pillars of Creation. Any mantras designated within these religions specify certain sounds that are alleged to produce certain effects both on the physiology of the body as well as having an affect on the life of the meditator. people who have had out of the body experiences have mainly report the wondrous music and scenery found in the realms they briefly visited. So it may seem that indeed there is compelling arguments to the idea that sound perhaps as the Bible says did create life as it is known ... the prime mover so to speak.

Cymatics is the name used to describe how sound vibrations interact with specific elements and materials to produce graphic geometric, unique shapes. The process involves a skin tight membrane of sorts, that a speaker is played against. A dose of material is dabbled onto the membrane and the sound speakers are turned on. Depending on the material used as well as the type of sound played against  the membrane, the shapes and configurations develop. into unique characteristics and geometric 3d shapes.  

When wave lengths are short a rotation affect is observed. When two frequencies are played simultaneously a Rhythmic pulse or beat is achieved as a swaying motion to and fro ... a binary pulse affect. Sand produces lines; oils produce circular shapes and turpentine forms a grid like lattice matrix. If oil is suspended in another fluid, eddies form in pairs that turn in opposite directions in spiraling circular shapes. Vowel sounds of the human voice produce as different patterns ... therein showing the subtle affect of mantra singing.

Plastic almost crawls ... first clumps into beads and then in procession like fashion aggregate into a Meta clump. Cymatics has produced so called "sacred Geometry" when exposed to correlating sacred frequencies such as 528 hz. Iron shavings produce processions of movement and 3d figures almost dancing as one, joining together, separating and pulsating.

It would be an interesting study to take radionic readings of known biological organisms and see what correlating Cymatic responses would result by feeding back the frequency of each organism into a medium. Also the field of Chladni and fractals which holds that all of life adheres to a fractal ordering system ... I'd like to see what happens when the audio equivalent (partial tonal scales and partial frequencies) are fed back sonically into the medium. It would be an interesting end result to publish a book that designated the shapes, tones and fractal component for each radionic biological organism.

I am quite sure that there no doubt will be further work carried out on Cymatics with the end result being an encyclopedic reference of materials, frequencies and their varied shape aggregate correlations.  How that will relate to anything more profound, I don't know. But it's safe to speculate that there will be some significant findings which link the affects of sound on matter ... possibly in frequency healing endeavors. With the GDV camera we can already visualize bio fields; and through Radionics we can determine resident frequency harmonics of tissue and organisms, knowing even what remedy in the energetic spectrum is needed. So right now Cymatics is a visual tool in which we can see patterns in materials that are formed according to sound. I wonder if this will find an application in material production? Or if with the advent of 3d printers if instead of drawings submitted for shapes, we will simply up load the correlating sound spectrum needed for a certain material to morph into a certain predetermined shape, desired by the designer??

here are some interesting approaches for medical applications:

Autism research. Cyma 1000; Cymatic Therapy.







Experiments to discover whether sound could change matter were conducted in 1787 by Ernst Chaldni, a Swiss physicist. Chaldni played a violin bow against steel disks containing sand, these notes he played produced geometric patterns in the sand. The patterns that were produced led Dr. Hans Jenny to research the phenomena further. Dr. Jenny found that these patterns produced by sound were also found in nature. Concentric circles, hexagons, starfish and snowflake shapes were also made by cymatics. Because of the work of Chaldni and Dr.Hans Jenny we can see how it is possible to produce natural patterns by changing frequencies.

Sir Peter Guy Manners stated that “Cymatic therapy is not applied through auditory channels, but directly through the skin. Cymatic therapy uses sound waves within the audible range to stimulate natural regulatory and immunological systems, and to produce a near-optimum metabolic state for a particular cell or organ”.

Cymatic comes from the Greek word “kyma” meaning “A great wave.” Cymantics is a form of sound therapy, based on the theory that every cell in the body, which are millions, is controlled by an electromagnetic field which resonates at its own sound frequency.
Radionics is a form of health analysis and treatment which uses specially designed instruments to analyze and treat the energy imbalances that can cause illness. A drop of blood, a nail clipping, or a lock of hair is used for analysis. The item is then used to tune into your energy field, which will then determine the quality of your mental, physical and emotional health.