Trevor J. Constable wrote a book entitled "The Cosmic Pulse of Life". His book told the life story of his association with Wilhelm Reich the discoveror of Orgonite. He describes some very interesting information about using Orgone Energy "Rain Making" Cloud Busters ... as well as the discovery of UFO propulsion via Orgone. He also describes attacks from UFO's sending what he termed "Deadly Orgone". Read about it here:

Well ... years later Don Croft and his wife Carol were being written about on the website. 

This website article got more and more interesting. There were pictures of Don's home made Orgonite products as well as parasite zappers, chem-trail busters, mind and other energy generators.   

Feel free to start off your read via this link:

Then you can go to their new home page:

Below links list websites devoted to combining Orgonite energy generators with subliminal goal manifesting tools:

A website that utilizes traditional Visualization  methods and modern Change Your Reality modalities. They use sophisticated Orgone/Chi generators to accelerate and empower your efforts at goal attainment.

Considering how impossible it is to recalibrate a negative "locked In" self image that was set by the age of five, or to recalibrate the R.A.S. to sort for appropriating success and prosperity feedback instead of limitation, by all means use whatever tools you can find. (perhaps that would make a brilliant computer game ... where characters pick up tools and abilities to manifest, ha ha).

Here's a company called "Extreme Mind", which carries those machines and programs spoken about above that I would definitely try if I had the money just to see if indeed it has the multiplying affect as is claimed on the website. .  see what happens, out of curiosity.