Harbour City Float

Contact Name: Paul Martin
Website: http://www.harbourcityfloat.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 250-591-9199
Address: 1027 Dufferin Crescent

First Open: 6/15/2016


Opening Hours

Currently, we are open 4 days a week from 8am to 11 pm and for the other 3 days we have one 9pm appointment available.


About Us



For a long time we both had individual dreams of leaving the big city and following our hearts to the ocean, then fate brought us together, causing things to fall into place quicker than we could have imagined. Our dreams were becoming a reality.
Now here we are, settled into the beautiful city of Nanaimo, which is situated on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 
Our passion has always been to help others and we created Harbour City Float as a means of changing people's lives for the better. We believe a way to help calm the chaos of the outside world is to first calm the chaos in each one of us.  We want to change the world, one calming and rejuvenating float at a time.

We have a single float room that we custom built using a manufacturer-built tank base. The float enclosure has a standard height ceiling and a sliding door perfect for those who are claustrophobic or for those who want the full sensory relaxed environment. We have shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, ultrabalm for cuts, ear plugs, neck pillows, towels and a hair dryer.

We are regulated under Vancouver Island Health Authority, so we use bromine as our primary sanitization. We have a UV filtration system, micron cartridge filter and the water is shocked once-per-week with a non-chlorine shock oxidizer.

We offer 2 hour long appointments with 1 hour reserved for floating. This allows each guest to have their own private experience. We have a lounge area where you can have a cup of tea and unwind further with colouring books, journals and books. We have to-go cups for those who'd like to take their tea on the road. We have a variety of chairs to choose from and a comfy sofa with blankets. We also have a yoga mat for those who feel inclined to stretch before or after their float.

We can offer assistance for wheelchair users. Please call us for details.



We offer one hour floats but we can, and do, easily accommodate those wishing to float for longer. 

A one hour float is $50.
Our float membership is $40/month with a 6 month commitment. Additional floats for members are also $40. 
Our 2 float package is $95.
Our 6 float Seaworthy Float Package is $250.