Floatation Rejuvenation Centre

Contact Name: Glenda Napier
Website: Www.floatationrejuvenationcentre.com.au
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 46 Hill Street Gooseberry Hill
Languages spoken: English

First opened: 2011


Opening Hours

We open by appointment Monday to Saturday.

About Us

I am a massage and beauty therapist and know the value of relaxation. It is essential to "download" stress in this fast paced world.

We have a float room and a float tank. The float room, from Ocean Floatrooms, is very good if you are a little claustrophobic and is amazing in terms of spatial effect. The float tank is an Apollo tank and is also just as good once you have floated more than once. We supply everything except something to float in ie: bathers. We supply chemical free shampoo, conditioner and body wash and have a blow dryer if required. Massage and beauty treatments are also available for anti-ageing and rejuvenation.

We run the filters nightly for 5 hours and use a small amount of chlorine as well as UV protection.

 We have a disabled access driveway with no steps and easy access to float room.


Other services

We also have beauty treatments and massage for anti-ageing and rejuvenation.



A one hour float session is $50 aud. 5 can be purchased for $175 or 10 for $300
2 hour float sessions are $85 and 90 minute floats are $70.