The Origins of Wheat Grass

Dr. Ann Wigmore from Boston.

Ann Wigmore

Ann Wigmore

The lady who pioneered WheatGrass.

Ann had a great story and you can read about it in her book.

I see a world without sickness, sorrow, or mental disturbance in which we are living in perfect balance, abundance, health and harmony.
— Dr. Ann Wigmore

Many of the people who studied health grew up in dysfunctional environments similar to the kid in the book "A Child Called It".  Later at some point to achieve balance some will develop a keen interest in health ideas like wheatgrass and other natural illness preventative practices and alternate modes of staying healthy.

Wheat Grass

Ann Wigmore's book called "Be your own Doctor" was a precursor for those who wished to attend her Hippocrates Health Institute at 25 Exeter St. in Boston, Mass.This is where people went in the 70's to learn all about sprouting, detoxing, wheatgrass growing, juicing, drinking Rejuvilac,  colonic irrigation with wheatgrass, watermelon rind, enzymes, etc. Her partner Victorious Kulvinskas wrote a book called "Survival into the 21st Century" .


Here's the rumored story circulating about Ann's Wheatgrass discovery  :

The story allegedly involved the WWII Nazis, who Anne as a child was hiding from. She was a young girl and her and her aunt who was slightly older ran away to the hills to avoid the Germans. She did not know how to survive so they copied the cows ... eating grass mostly. 

Boston's Hippocrates Health Institute  

Boston's Hippocrates Health Institute 

The funny thing was: Anne had been sickly as a child. As she ate grass on the hills her childhood diseases started going away one by one. After the war ended she came to America, became a doctor and dedicated her life to determining which grasses had the best Chlorophyll content. Wheat came out the winner. After that she opened her Institute and helped people get well. It's funny now to see Jamba Juice and health food restaurants charging $5.00 an ounce of wheat grass juice. Especially when customers do not understand that wheatgrass costs pennies and anyone can grow it at home within 5 days.


Anne used a hand operated meat grinder. Anne would tell us this is pure Sunshine, photon energy from Chlorophyll. Highly fresh and easily spoiled by sitting. 

This point is lost at Jamba Juice when they give the previous shot's left over in your newly juiced shot. Always ask them to dump out the old stuff, not to be bossy but the rancid grass can be bad for you. 

Ann Wigmore on Sprouting

Anne had a very easy way to sprout wheat berries and other sprouts like alfalfa. She would put a couple of handfuls of wheat berries or seeds into a pickle filled with water. She'd leave them in 8 hours or more, then she'd drain the liquid which would be referred to as "rejuvilac".

Ann Wigmore on Rejuvilac


If Jesus came to you with the key to his house, said it would
unlock your heart with LOVE, and played music that turned
grass green, but was secreted by leaders of governments and
religions for power and profit, you would probably call the man
a psychopath and run away
— The Book of 528 page XVII
The botanical world vividly celebrates 528! This book will
have you celebrating it too, through a new view of life.
The greenish-yellow pigment called chlorophyll is the optimal
energy transducer and power carrier. It delivers electrons
from sunlight to your blood, linked to the breath of life—oxygen,
inspiring your blood. This energy of spirituality vibrates
universally, eternally, and hydrosonically—vibrating reality into
existence through electron resonance, through 528’s presence.
Your DNA operates
— The Book of 528 page XXIV