The Float Room

Contact Name: Buliga Vladimir
Telephone: +40745304150
Address: Str. Gheorghe Titeica Nr. 121D, Sector 2

first open: 11/15/2016



Opening Hours

08:00 - 11:00 All week long
If needed, non stop for night floats


About Us

We are proposing a lifestyle to support your health beauty from the inside out.
For this we offer you a luxurious floating center where you can really feel that relaxation, floating without gravity in Epsom salts.
We invite you to disconnect from cell phones and daily stress, improve your health and wellbeing.

We have two Dream Pods V2, esch with it`s own private room with shower and everything needed to float (Shampoo, soap, towels, clean water, ear plugs, etc)

After each session, the water is filtered and disinfected with 10 micron filters, UV light and hydrogen peroxide to leave the water perfectly clean and safe.

For wheelchair users we can offer assistance.