Paul Brag

Paul Brag

Paul Bragg's System:

Two days before fasting:

  • Switch your food to raw fruits and vegetables and fresh squeezed juice.
  • Start the fast by skipping dinner the night before
  • Just have fresh squeezed juice for the dinner the night before the fast.

First morning of fast:

    • Sleep in as long as possible. drink only distilled water.
    • Take naps, read books, sleep.
    • Fast with only distilled water 

    First day break the fast (where the word breakfast comes from)

    • Start to break the fast: only fresh squeezed orange juice and other fresh squeezed juice: carrot juice and apple.

    Next day

    • Eat salads raw fruit, vegetables & yogurt.

    Third day

    • You can now eat cooked vegetables but try to stick to vegetables and eventually add some meat to your diet.



    Paul C. Bragg, Father of the Natural Health Movement 

    Effects from Fasting


    American Indians fasted for spiritual reasons while going to the sweat lodge. Sid Hartha fasted. The Dalai Lama and Gandhi fasted. Almost all cultures fasted for spiritual reasons. For sure, in fasting the pull of bodily desires melt away. You realize how much all your waking efforts are spent on feeding the body. Several things happen on a long fast.  Your stomach shrinks so you loose your appetite after a couple days. Your blood that was in your stomach is now in your brain. You feel light ... less mass, weighted feeling. Your thinking becomes crystal clear. You stat pissing out toxins and the more you do the better you feel. Your thoughts turn to the higher sphere in the sense that you are unplugged for the moment of chasing around in the Matrix ... solving all the daily little survival issues. If you brought insightful reading material the combined affect of fasting and reading thinking man's material can have a turning point impetus.

    You also feel more in control knowing that your mind is over riding your base maintenance demands. Therefor you detach from the silliness of the game ... you feel like you get a sneak peak preview at the bigger game and somehow through fasting you ever so briefly feel that you've had an incremental ascension, and ironically that God, or your spiritual Guide appreciates your efforts.  

    There was a story about a health purist who fasted in the mountains and bathed in the streams to "purify" himself ... which lead to a saintly vision if you will, by an Angel that said that for the efforts he was making to keep his physical temple pure he would be blessed in life. Shortly afterwards his business was prospering beyond his wildest anticipation. The Moral? Respect your temple with all your might to remain pure in body mind and spirit and your luck may even improve.

    Back to Paul Bragg.  

    By Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg

    Like Anne Wigmore, Paul was a sickly child. He learned of fasting with purified distilled water. He lost all his debilitating childhood diseases, became vitally healthy and at 85 years old had all his teeth, Barrel Chested and strong as an Ox; a full head of hair and he taught exercises on Waikiki beach.  

    Paul made sure to distinguish between "starvation mode" and fasting. He wrote many chapters explaining his system of fasting and which water is best able to help you fast  ... it is imperative to use the right water, begin and end the fast correctly in order to improve health and not hurt the body from doing fasting incorrectly (like done during Ramadan).

    Pure Distilled Water

    Pure Distilled Water

    Paul's other warning involved the correct way to approach and recover from fasting (breaking the fast).

    I've outlined this above.  He said it's better to not fast than to fast the wrong way.


    His routine for fasting involved:

    One day a week; two days a month; a week every 3 months and a 20 day fast every year. 

    Fasting keeps your joints loose and limber as all the mineral deposits get dissolved and pissed out during the fast. After a fast you look lighter, happier, more energetic (that first and second day of eating pure fresh squeezed juices and fruit gives you soooo much energy and enthusiasm) and younger. 

    Ramadan Fasting contrarily is the exact opposite of what Paul and the Essenes recommend for health improvement. Fasting for half a day and then gorging yourself after sunset on any old prepared meal ... is quite harmful to the body.

    While Americans are turning to all these health Pundits who give out misinformation about eating etc, dietary schedules et. all... I sincerely think these three things: Yearly Fasting, growing and drinking Wheatgrass Juice and Having use of a float tank ... are the best, easiest and cheapest ways to beat aging. Fasting is free. Wheat Berries cost pennies and a hundred dollar juicer.