Salt City Float

Contact Name: denielle gates
Email Address:
Address: 16056 s Fielding Hill Lane
Languages spoken: English

First opened: 2013


Opening Hours

Mon- Sat 9am-9pm


About Us

Owner Danielle Gates with family

We floated in Scottsdale Az almost 4 years ago after having a sibling tell me about floating. It was the most amazing experience I had ever done. I live in Utah, so we took a trip down to Arizona to try out this concept of floating. After three years of planning and effort, we were able to open the first float center in Utah.

We carry the the I-sopod in a beautifully tiled room, complete with it's own shower, and painted walls, to bring a sense of peace and tranquility. In our other float room, we carry the first float pod therapies float tank, complete with it's own tiled shower, and features such as a MP3 docking station to listen to your own music within the tank. We also have space for a third float tank which will come in the coming months.

We are heavily regulated by the local health department. Our water is tested monthly to ensure we meet strict regulations. We clean our pods with a weekly chlorine, and a nightly hydrochloric acid. We also use a small dose of hydrogen peroxide. All chemicals are used with extream caution to ensure the protection of our pods, as well as our clients.

Our hallways, and entrances are wheel chair friendly, and with patrons needing assistance into the pod and shower, we offer this requiring a patron to wear a swim suit.


Other Services

We sell an amazing product called "Zeal" which was invented right here in Utah. It too, like floating helps the body produce Serotonin to allow the body to heal itself. We as a society have a serotonin definency, and homeopathic ways of healing and meditation, allow our bodies to produce the levels needed. Zeal, helps our bodies produce this naturally and effectively in between floating.



Our one hour floats are 79.00 per float, with a first time float of only $59.00.

We also sell a monthly membership with a one time fee of $55.00, which then brings your floats to 49.00 per one hour session.

We also give a referral discount of 20%, and offer memberships with no contracts.



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