RYTHM Yoga Tank 

Contact Name: Rushi Narasimha
Address: Near Mother Teresa School, Anandapura Circle, Varanasi Bangalore, Karnataka 560036
Telephone: 080 2849 3874
Email: rythmyogatank@gmail.com

RYTHM Yoga Tank company has two Floatation Tanks. We are now offering floatations to all age groups, to people from all backgrounds, to people of all religions, to people of all countries, and to people with different needs. 
RYTHM: Revive Yourself To Heal Mankind
Purpose of RYTHM Yoga Tank: Spreading floatation technology to all over india to raise well being, consciousness, and quality of life.
RYTHM Yoga Tankcompany manufactures basic models for individual consumption,commercial models and custom models for wide variety of applications in Sports, for Hospitals, in SPAs, in Hotels, in Beauty Salons, in Schools, in colleges for research as well for individual for regular use. 
RYTHM offers the cheapest prices for best quality with the great number of feature available in the market.