Nava Bain Flottant et Massothérapie

Contact Name: Alexandra Rouleau
Email Address:
Telephone: 418-929-9148
Address: 3360-210 de la Pérade, Quebec City, Quebec

Languages spoken: French, English
First Opened: 2/1/2016


Opening Hours

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4PM to 10PM
Week-end from 10 to 7PM


About Us

We wanted to introduce people at float therapy and enjoy the benefits, and we wanted the city to have a float tank available because it has been 10 years since the last center closed. We have 1 float pod. 

We use UV, Ozone and Hydroxide Peroxide to clean the tank.

We offer swedish massage, and a warm cup of tea after each session.

Second floor, unaccessible to wheelchairs

We sponsor athletes and we offer deals to our partner such as gyms, maternity centers and well-being center.



Prices Starting at 65$ for a session. Add a massage to your float (125$) or get a pre-paid card for 3, 5 or 10 floats (180$/ 285$ / 550$).