Jamaican Stone

Jamaican Stone is a sought after product that has been extremely hard to find outside the Caribbean.Made from a highly concentrated formula of natural roots and herbs with is main ingredient being a tree sap. Also known as Hajar Saadah and Hajar Jahanam



The Amazon Warrior™ is the ultimate symbol of vitality and strength. Our Warrior™ formula is designed to enhance those same qualities in your life. 

Warrior™ provides maximum energy for maximum performance.* It increases the body's ability to release strengthening agents, while helping you maintain clarity and stamina.* If your sport, your work or your lifestyle in general is highly demanding, your performance will benefit from Warrior™. 

Warrior™ is a skillful blend of the best of two worlds. It brings together the Chinese herbs of an original Shaolin Temple martial arts formula with Amazonian catuaba, sarsaparilla and muira puama. The result is a power-packed tonic that boosts your energy flow, mental focus and endurance, and shortens your recovery times.* 

Whether you’re interested in reaching the pinnacle of athletic performance or simply enhancing your life experiences, Warrior™ can help get you there, with energy to spare!