Hands On Floatation

Contact Name: Philip Steward
Website:  handsonclinic.co.uk
Email Address:  info@handsonclinic.co.uk
Address: 5/6 Cedar House, Caen St, Braunton
Languages spoken: English

First opened: 2012


Opening Hours: 

Monday - Saturday 
10am - 6pm


About Us

I broke my back at aged 18 and struggled for ages with crippling back pain until I discovered floating, 
the rest is as they say, history!!!

We have one float room, Made by Ocean Floatrooms

Our tank is cleaned daily, Bromine is used to kill any bugs, and there is a full salt and water change every year

Our center is very accessible by wheelchair users


Other Services

We have a full range of holistic therapies



1 hour float is £25