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Contact Name: Sean McCormick
Website: www.floatseattle.com
Email Address: sean@floatseattle.com
Address: 408 NE 70th St, Seattle
Languages spoken: English

First Opened: 2012


Opening Hours:

Tue-Sun 7am-11:30pm


About Us

We're in the business of transforming lives. Our vehicle is a world-class flotation center hidden next to Greenlake (just North of Seattle).

Sean McCormick

Sean McCormick

Our goal is to reshape lives. We bet the farm in hopes that people were looking to make positive changes. We scraped together money from friends and family to risk it all on something we really believe in. If this float center seems home grown and grassroots - thats because it is. 

Your days are spent trying to climb the ladder of success. But how often do you stand back to see if it is leaning against the right wall? We want people to step outside themselves and into our float tanks for an hour of perspective. An hour to relax and examine the big picture to make sure you aren't spending your days just straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.

This place is for the email junkies with caffeine hangovers and unreasonable workloads, the athletes who win with willpower not size, for the entrepreneurs and artists who need to unleash their minds.

We have 1 Oasis Float Tank, 1 Ocean Float Room and 2 Samadhi Float Tanks. Private Showers in each room. Dr. Bronners Soap and Bio-Degradable Shampoo, earplugs, towels & water are provided for each float. Upgraded ear plugs, nootropics, t-shirts, coconut water and relaxation relevant products also available. Hair dryer, Contact Solution & cases provided.

Ocean and Oasis Tanks use Bromine. Samadhi tanks use Ozone and H202. In addition to a minimum 1.25 gravity in all our tanks, we also supplement our tanks with Himalayan Crystal Salt and a few other special salts for better bio-availability. The tanks solutions are completely replaced twice annually. ph balance is maintained at all times.

Completely ADA compliant. Assistance will be provided for those who need it.


Other Services

We offer floatation guidance and exploration, as well as shamanic & astrological guidance from our extended gurus. We also offer meditation tips.



Awakening | first float is $39
Clarity | regular price float $69
Epiphany | 3 float package $157

Membership | $49 per month - $49 payments each month automatically good for 1 float and any additional floats in the month are also $49
All float sessions are 1 hour. Tuesday-Thursday additional hours is 1/2 price. Friday-Sunday all floats regular price


Thea Wolfe

Float | Seatle sponsors pro fighter Thea Wolfe 1-0.....a powerhouse Atomweight fighter and frequent floater.