Float Center Registration

Registration is and always will be free of charge, however we would greatly appreciate a link from your website where possible.

This is a hobby website intent on providing useful information freely to anyone interested in floating, if there is any information here you find inaccurate, incomplete or you would like anything removing please use the contact us page.

Please try and complete as much of the form below as you see fit and relevant.

Thank you for your time and information in advance!

Contact Name
Contact Name
When did you first open
When did you first open
Introduce yourself and your float center
How many tanks, what brand of tanks, do you have a hair dryer, offer free shampoo?
Do you use UV, Ozone, Chlorine? How often is the salt changed
Massage, Yoga, Vitamins, Health foods, Drinks etc
How long are you float sessions, what do they cost for members and non members?
Are you completely accessible or can you offer assistance
Please provide links to any of your own social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype