The BT-8 Bio-Tuner (originally named the Brain Tuner, by Bob Beck, DSc.) is a time tested technology that has proven itself with thousands of satisfied customers since 1983.  BT-8 is an electronic instrument that produces hundreds of harmonic frequencies to help balance the natural energies of your body and mind.  See an actual spectrum analysis of the BT-8 frequencies.  Relaxation and well-being can truly be yours with the BT-8 and it requires no special effort, training or discipline.  The BT-8 is preset to run for a 20 minute session. It is applied by means of ear clip electrodes. Bob Beck's Brain Tuner is not just the latest fitness fad. It is a real and workable life enhancement technology.

Most individuals describe the experience as being one of focused relaxation, even when emotional tensions have been present.  Following the normal 2 to 4 week application routine, many BT-8 users experience significant positive changes in their lives and in their relationships with others.

What Should I Expect

Most users experience a more positive, confident outlook on life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.   The many daily challenges of life seem easier to handle with a newly found feeling of energy!

The numerous benefits of BT-8 tend to be cumulative in nature and gradually reveal themselves over a period of 1 to 4 weeks.  Change is spontaneous and effortless.



Bob Beck developed the original BT-5 Brain Tuner in 1983. This unit had a fixed output setting of 1,000 Hz., modulated (pulsed) at 111Hz. (plus hundreds of frequency harmonics). In 1989, Beck introduced the BT-6 model with the additional 7.83Hz. Schumann Resonance (Earth Resonance Frequency) and a 0.5 Hz., ON/OFF cycle. This is included in our current model BT-8 as well. Many customers familiar with the concept of Schumann Resonance, have asked if the 7.83 Hz. setting will stimulate psychic or spiritual states of consciousness. To our knowledge, based upon 28 years of marketing Bob Beck's Brain Tuner, there is no psychic or paranormal effect from using this particular setting.

Nutritional Support

Proper nutrition is important when using the BT-8. Individuals who have been stressed out for years (depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc.) will see a much better result from using the Bio-Tuner if they take some steps to improve their over-all health and support the brain with proper nutrients to support the production of neurotransmitters - such as Dopamine and Serotonin. There are many good nutritional support formulas available from your health food store or on the internet. Likewise, good quality amino acid formulas are readily available. For more information, see our Health Resources page

What Setting Should I Use

When choosing a setting, it is important to note that due to the internal programming of the BT-8 ALL of the settings share an underlying frequency of 1,000.00 Hz., which is then pulsed out or interrupted by the 111Hz. pulse repetition rate, (along with the hundreds of frequency harmonics). So, all six settings share this feature in common. Settings number 2 and 3 as well as number 5 and 6 add an extra element of Voltage Modulation over the basic output. In other words, the voltage is "Pumped Up and Down" at the 0.5 rate or the 7.83 rate. The body is very sensitive to many types of rhythms and pulsations, so the voltage modulations of 0.5 and 7.83 add an extra dimension of relaxation signals to the body. A frequency of 0.5 is related to the human Delta brainwave range and the 7.83 is related to the Alpha brainwave range. Feel free to experiment with the various settings and note which one feels the most relaxing or energizing (depending upon your personal goals). You are always receiving the basic frequency harmonics, regardless of the setting.

What Time of Day to Use BT-8

It is alright to use the brain tuner any time of day. However, due to the body's daily variations in Bio-rhythms, blood sugar levels, etc. your responses to the brain tuner may vary according to the time of day it is used. For example, some individuals using BT-8 near their normal bed time, may find that it gives them a lot of extra energy and they do not feel tired. In this case, try using the unit earlier in the day, or try using the 0.5 Hz. setting. It is important to use the BT-8 each day for 2 to 3 weeks in order to achieve the maximum benefits.  There is no need to repeat the entire 2 to 3 weeks if you happen to skip a day or two.  Following the initial series of sessions, BT-8 may be used on occasion as desired to maintain the initial improvements.  For example, memory improvements may maintain up to 1 year before additional sessions are necessary.  Other gains may be more temporary and require more frequent reinforcement.  Individual results will vary.

Personal note from Volker Risto

My introduction to Bob Beck's original BT-5 Brain Tuner goes back to 1985, when I first attended one of his lectures in Santa Monica, California. Like everyone in the room, I was captivated by Bob Beck and the fascinating information he had to share. Bob was highly intelligent, articulate and engaging while still making room for humor and personal stories. It was soon after that when I had an opportunity to help Beck market his products. This developed into a memorable and close relationship that endured until Beck's passing on June 23, 2002. Among my fondest memories were the years of traveling around the country with Bob Beck and the owners of Sota Instruments to numerous Health Expos and Science Conventions. Bob Beck was a unique personality and a great friend; an unforgettable genius who left behind him a legacy of hope and healing for millions through his great compassion and creativity.

Bob Beck

Inventor of the Original

BT-5 "Brain Tuner"


Sota Magnetic Pulser

The Magnetic Pulser - MPG-5,

by Sota Instruments is a pulsed magnetic field generator that is designed to help promote muscle relaxation and over-all wellness. The Sota Magnetic Pulser is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Bob Beck's research.  The Magnetic Pulser (MPG 5) is designed to generate a powerful (~6,000 Gauss) rapidly pulsed (~2.5mS) magnetic field. The high quality capacitor that stores and discharges the energy is rated at 30 Million Discharge Cycles! This means that the average user will get a lifespan of about 10 years or more from the Sota Magnetic Pulser.  The Magnetic Pulser is part of the Bob Beck Protocol that also includes our Silver Pulser and Water Ozonator. The applicator head is clearly marked for negative North polarity, as this is considered the most beneficial in the literature on magnetic field applications.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Pulsed magnetic field energies are a time-tested method, capable of producing fast and long-lasting results! The Magnetic Pulser requires no direct physical contact, but the effect is increased by direct contact.  The rapid ON and OFF pulse of the  Magnetic Pulser ensures a deep penetration of the magnetic field energies, unlike static field magnets such as magnetic wrist bracelets or magnetic wraps.

The rounded applicator head contains a large copper coil that produces a strong and deeply penetrating magnetic field and the magnetic pulser is ergonomically designed to easily reach the areas of application.

Unlike a number of other frequency generators in our catalog, the MPG is not designed to target the entire body at one time; instead, the round applicator coil is ideally designed for targeting specific areas of concern.  Pet owners also appreciate the magnetic pulser's non-invasive applicator.  There is never any unpleasant sensation or electrical shock when using the magnetic pulser.  The applicator head is clearly marked for positive and negative polarities.  The side of the applicator displaying the Sota Instruments logo is positive polarity and the opposite side is labeled as negative North Pole.  In most cases, the negative North polarity is suggested as it is a constricting or confining energy, whereas the positive polarity is said to be of a stimulating nature.

The Sota Silver Pulser SP-5

is the central part of the Bob Beck Dr. of Science. health and wellness protocol that also includes the Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator. There are many so-called "zappers" or electrical stimulators on the internet today, but only the Sota Silver Pulser is the original high quality instrument originally developed and endorsed by inventor, Physicist, Bob Beck.



Plug Into Pain Relief with The PMT 100

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy as it’s also known, is a remarkable and innovative way of tackling all sorts of health issues – especially chronic pain.

Harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields that are fundamental to all life, the device that’s at the cutting-edge of this revolutionary therapy is the PMT 100. This clinically used and professionally recognized device produces safe, powerful and restorative pulses that help every bodily function and movement, charging the body on a cellular level.

The PMT 100 is especially effective for treating chronic pain in areas that are hard to access, as well as having FDA approved uses in bone and tissue repair following injury. The powerful pulses produced by the PMT 100 not only considerably hasten the recovery process for damaged parts of the body; they even reduce inflammation and have applications for alleviating depression and increasing our sense of well being.

It also has benefits that step into the realms of detoxification: the PMT 100’s pulses improve circulation and improve oxygen flow around the body – providing the energy and stimulation to help the body’s natural regeneration processes, especially stem-cell production.

How does PEMF therapy work?

Every cell contains tiny powerhouses called mitochondria. These delicate and essential structures help our cells maintain the many functions they carry out every single second. One vital process that mitochondria execute is energy production. By stimulating and re-charging these generators and helping the cells’ production of ATP or Adenosine triphosphate, energy transfer is enhanced.

By using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or pulsed magnetic therapy as it’s sometimes referred to mean more energy can be delivered to specific sites in the body. The result is more effectual cellular repair and by extension, better tissue repair. The reason it’s so well known as an effective, non-invasive and side effect-free antidote to pain is because it affects nerve cells – which tell our body when we are experiencing pain. This has profound anti-inflammatory implications, which has real value in minimizing pain. This also affects flexibility – especially useful when treating stiff and inflamed back muscles - increasing the range of motion that can be achieved.

For bone healing, PEMF is especially useful in healing non-union fractures. This is because electromagnetic waves cause biochemical changes that result in an increased speed in bone formation.

PEMF therapy has also been found to alleviate depression and other conditions where it’s been applied include everything from arthritis, to cancer, to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, to multiple sclerosis, autism, diabetes, and many other ailments.

Using the PMT 100

The controllable and safe PMT 100 machine can be used in a sitting position, lying down, or even standing up. There are plenty of options in how it can be used, so it’s necessary to look at the instructions provided depending on what’s being treated - even though using the PMT 100 is simplicity itself.

On the PMT 100, there is a dial for intensity, a three-minute button to ensure that exactly the right amount of time is spent on the various parts of the body and of course and on/off switch. The three electromagnetic wires that enable the pulses to be used most effectively are the ‘butterfly loop’, the ‘big loop’ and the ‘rope’. Each confers it own special ability to get right to the heart of pain and straight to the nub of the condition that needs to be treated.

The key thing to remember when using the PMT 100 is ‘less is more’. This practice also carries the additional benefit that the treatment of a particular condition need not take long. Using this professional-grade PEMF machine provides the equivalent of a deep tissue massage, so it’s important get the body used to the electromagnetic pulses by slowly building up duration. This is why 15-20 minutes per treatment is perfectly sufficient, and when the loops are placed on and around the body, the intensity and frequency should start minimally, and then be turned up steadily to a comfortable level.

As the loops are moved around the body and sites of pain, the electromagnetic pulses will find pinched nerves or sciatic problems, for example.  This will be indicated by slightly more tension in the area, and the therapeutic waves will be felt more strongly. What happens when the loops are working on the body is transference of electrical pulses that create a nerve reaction - a gentle twitch-like sensation. This will be involuntary, but that means it’s right where it needs to be- especially in the case of muscles that are inflamed or that have gone into spasm. Three minutes at a particular site on the body is usually sufficient.

The remarkable thing about electromagnetic pulses produced by the PMT 100 is that they penetrate tissue and bone and kick-start cells’ restorative processes – a truly three-dimensional way of treating conditions.

The PMT 100 literally ‘recharges your batteries’

The PMT 100 is extremely versatile – it’s specifically designed to treat a broad range of conditions. While there are other PEMF machines available, they don’t come with the effectiveness and power – the PMT 100 can work from around 1000 gauss to a maximum field intensity of around 20,000 gauss, with a frequency range of 1Hz to 50 Hz. This means more targeted and penetrating pulses can be delivered.

For complete body invigoration, cellular repair and freedom from chronic pain, get connected to the PMT 100, it’s a leading light in the remarkable story of PEMF therapy.


Experience the health magnetism of the PMT 100

The healing and regenerative powers of electromagnetism are a natural force in health and well being. Magnetic pulse generation technology builds on the Earth's life-shielding force fields to heal, harmonize and protect the body. Leading the field is the PMT 100 - a professional grade pulsed electro-magnetic frequency (PEMF) generator. The PMT 100 delivers electromagnetic therapy to re-energize damaged cells, ease pain and help restore the body to optimum health.

Why is electromagnetic energy important?

Electromagnetic forces play a fundamental role in everyday life - both inside the body and in the world at large. The Earth's magnetic field protects us from damaging particles and radiation. And inside the body, every cell and organ is affected by electromagnetism. This includes the power supply in our own cells known as mitochondria, which in turn drive a cellular energy source known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP powers every bodily function and action, including muscle contraction and movement.

With the Earth's natural magnetic field growing steadily weaker over the last century and a half, interest in magnetic pulse generation technology such as the PMT 100 has intensified.

As we've discovered, electromagnetic energy is a key component in healthy cell growth and development, while a deficiency can affect our energy levels and general well being.