Beyond Rest

Contact Name: Ben Dunin
Email Address:
Address: 125 Edward St Perth
Languages Spoken: English

First Open: 2013


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri : 8am - 9pm
Sat : 8am - 5pm
Sun : 11am - 5pm

About Us

Ben Dunin

Ben Dunin

After being introduced to a float tank by a friend, after the first float I realised that this was something I really wanted to do after feeling so motivated the next day after the float to create. From that day I created the plan to open a centre with the coolest tanks (the I-sopods)

I-sopods. The Rolls Royce of float tanks. They do a perfect job of cutting out the outside noise outside of the building, while not allowing any light to encroach into the tanks.

After each session UV and a tiny amount of chlorine is used while filter after each use. 
The filter continually works all evening with chlorine being added throughout the night.

We are located in the CBD. We have a ramp for wheelchairs at the front, we have a room designed for wheelchair access with disabled toilets and corridors plenty wide for a chair to get through :)



$79 - 1 hour float - 60 mins
$110 - 2 floats a/month
$200 - 4 floats a/month


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