1000 Petals

Contact Name: Vartika Gupta
Website: www.1000petals.in
Email Address: info@1000petals.in
Telephone: +919686844770
Address: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi
First Open: 6/6/2016


Opening Hours

8 AM to 11 PM ... Late night floats available on request

About Us

We decided to open a float center to give people a chance to explore the consciousness and awareness. To help People achieve a relaxed meditative state of mind and to make them achieve their goals quicker to give people a deep insight into meditation, No Mind and metaphysics. We have 2 float tanks, Relaxopod and a self made float room. We have shower facilities, vaseline, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, hair dryer, Towels, earplugs etc. you just need to walk in with your self and nothing else is needed.
We have UV, Ozone, .5 micron filters, crystals in the storage tanks, hydrogen peroxide to clean the tanks. The salt is changed every 4 months depending upon the state of various things.  We offer, Lucia Light machine, O2 bar as well. Also there is a complementary green tea, fresh fruits and salads at the end of every float.

Wheelchair Assistance can be provided by certified Nursing care and CPR personnel.



Inner Journey: 60 min : INR 2950
Inner Journey: 90 Min: INR 3950
Complete consciousness expansion : 180 Min : INR 4950